Have you been searching for the best shades/sunnies for your face shape? Check out this infographic that should help you out!


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Best Shades For Your Face

Photo credit: Fashioninfographics.com

Too Cute Boutique carries several styles of sunglasses on our site, all $20 and under. You can dress up any outfit with this simple accessory. If you’re like me, you can add a little interest to your face for when going make-up free!

Some of my favorite designer sunglasses include Gucci, Michael Kors and Prada.


Gucci sunglasses

My current everyday pair of Gucci’s

Prada Baroque

Prada Baroque

Sometimes you don’t want to spend $200 plus on sunnies. This realization came to me when I lost one too many pair. The last pair I lost were some Versace shades that I took off in a clothing store to hold up a interesting sweater to view up close. About 2 minutes later I realized I had walked off without them and when I went back, someone else had already snatched them up and disappeared out of the store!

Check out our selection of sunglasses at https://www.toocutestore.com/collections/sunglasses. These are a couple of our Cat Eye Sunnies which according to this chart are perfect for heart-shaped, oval & square-shaped faces.

Here’s our most popular pair of shades, our Aviators. These come in a variety of shades, but our most popular seller is the pink! The chart says these are perfect for an oval shaped face.

Pink Rayban Aviators

Our most popular color aviators


Check out this trending style made by one of the top fashion houses called the Dior So Real. These have mirrored lenses in all colors and I’ve seen them worn with a casual outfit as well as dressy. Rihanna started the trend in Paris at one of the runway shows. Buy our version below.

dior so real sunglasses

Source: Vogue


 Source: The Blonde Salad Dior accessories

Here’s a pair of our unisex shades that can be worn by men or women. Recently we spotted Hakeem from the cast of Empire sporting these shades. Check our site because our version is on sale for $12! The last pair pictured below is our version of the Baroque. Please share our post and chime in and let us know if you like or own any of these styles!

Hakeem from Empire