For my cuties that love sports… did you enjoy watching Team USA in Rio? I wanted to share some highlights from Track and Field with you. The Olympic medalist Allyson Felix has become the most decorated woman in Track and Field history. This is awesome news not only for women, women of color, but for me personally because Allyson is my first cousin and our family is extremely proud of her!

A six-time Olympic gold medalist, she is the only female track and field athlete to win six Olympic gold medals.


One race that caused a lot of controversy during the games was the 400m. Shaunae Miller dove across the finish line in a controversial win of the gold medal. That’s Allyson is lane 4.

Then, in the 4x100 relay a Brazilian team member bumped into Allyson and in turn, Allyson dropped the baton as she was doing the hand-off to English Gardner.

Allyson’s quick thinking instructed Gardner to finish the race and they were able to protest and rerun their part of the relay, which resulted in a gold medal victory.

I have watched her handle so many emotions during the Olympic games, she displayed disappointment, anger, surprise, joy and ultimate victory! She always shows good sportsmanship, grace and composure and is a great role model for aspiring athletes.

Almost all of my cousins have at one time or another ran track, except for me! Every time I see Allyson race, I’m completely in awe. My 7-year old daughter Jasmine loves to watch her too, and has proclaimed Allyson as her hero. I can certainly say that Shug (her family nickname) is my hero too. She inspires me to keep pursuing my dreams and that the sky is the limit.

Me and Allyson at her 1st Olympics in Athens, Greece 2004

Even though the 2016 Olympics are over I hope that you will become a fan too! You can find out more about her at

Check out this video from our grandmother’s 96th birthday dinner. In the video Allyson talks about how Granny inspires her. My daughter Jasmine made her TV debut as she was on deck to help Granny blow out her candles! LOL

UPDATE: Our Granny passed away on September 6, 2016. A few weeks after this aired on TV. She was 97 and she did see herself on TV. She is resting in peace now, and we loved her dearly and she was so proud of Allyson!!