Do you absolutely LOVE the fragrance you’re wearing – or just like it ok and you’re settling for ho-hum?  Are you confident enough to know what you like instead of someone else deciding for you?

If you’d like to try something uniquely different, experience the world of Jo Malone fragrances.  London-based Jo Malone has the unique reputation of providing an array of fragrance choices to enjoy as is OR to combine two or more fragrances to create what you desire. Each fragrance is absolutely delectable in its own right but to combine two or more makes it even more exceptional.

Jo Malone Fragrance

My favorite Jo Malone scent is “Amber and Lavender”.  I can’t tell you how many compliments or inquiries I received as to what I was wearing.  Recently I purchased a collection of 6 scents and had a wonderful time experimenting with different combinations.  All were distinct, unique and smelled absolutely delicious.


The Jo Malone collection includes perfumes, body lotions and cremes, body washes, bath and shower oils, candles, shampoos and conditioners that afford you the luxury of applying your scent your favorite way.  The finishing touch is each product wrapped in their elegant buttercream packaging with black ribbon.

Jo Malone Fragrance

Treat yourself, take charge and create your own unique scent.  You deserve something rare and unconventional!